The Energy Park concept

An Energy Park is a cluster of energy related companies that utilizes synergy effects between the companies. Synergy effects may arise from common infrastructure, common facilities, exchange of products and waste products as well as sharing of competence. Utilising the synergy effects may result in increased value creation in terms of economy, environment and society. An Energy Park builds on principles of industrial symbiosis and cluster development. The target is to stimulate the development of future-oriented energy and environmentally related activities.

The mission of Energiparken

The mission of Energiparken is to tailormake the Energy Park concept to the local conditions, acquire the necessary premises, attract the stakeholders, establish the infrastructure and common facilities as required, establish connections between the companies and establish network activities.

What Energiparken can offer

Energiparken can undertake project management of area developments where the Energy Park concept may apply, where energy related companies are involved and where cooperation and synergies between companies are sought. We can cooperate with developers both in Norway and abroad.