The Energy Park in Risavika

The Energy Park at Risavika is located centrally in the municipality of Sola adjacent to a major harbour and in close proximity to the airport of Stavanger. The Energy Park at Risavika has a special focus on energy companies with activities related to renewable energy, application of natural gas as well as CO2 and the environment.


Companies. The following energy related companies have been or are now established within the Energy Park: Risavika Gas Centre, WaveEnergy, Rothor Advanced Power, Norsk VindPro, IRIS, UiS, OPRA, Anlegg og Marine, Lyse Energi, Bjørge Eureka, Stream, Control Cutter, Fieldtalk Solutions, X-over, Reinertsen Engineering, Wellpartner, Habu Oilfield Supply, Habu Sampling and Cape Norway

Infrastructure. Apart from the usual technical infrastructure, there is a common district heating and district cooling system that allows energy efficient solutions to be implemented

Products and waste products. The companies interact and use each other for product supplies.

Competence. The companies work together where necessary and exchange competencies.

Network activities. In addition to the activities amongst the companies, Resource Group Risavika within the Chamber of Commerce of the Stavanger-region takes care of networking activities within key issues. Several local activities also engage the companies.


2012. Energiparken AS has fulfilled it’s mission and the company is dissolved. Former employees take over the concept and carry on 13 years of history towards new missions.

2011. The last plot of land is sold. Industrial activity has commenced in most of the area. Risavika Gas Centre is passed on to a new ownership.

2008. Construction of Risavika Gas Centre is completed and activity commences. Aker Clean Carbonhe carries out the first commercial test.

2007. Building of the first industrial complex is finalized and the first company commences activity.

2006. Resource Group Risavika is established within the Chamber of Commerce in the Stavanger region. The resource group will carry on network activities on important issues of common interest.

2005. The company Risavika Gas Centre is founded with Statoil, Lyse, Shell, IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger) and UiS (University of Stavanger) as owners. The first plot of land is sold. The first of five annual energy seminars is arranged.

2004. Lyse Gass AS starts commercial deliveries of natural gas to domestic customers.

2003. Energiparken AS buys the land – 170 000 sqm.

2002. Lyse Gass AS decides to build a natural gas pipeline from Kårstø to Risavika – a stretch of 50 km with the deepest point being at a water depth of 650 meters.

2001. The development of the business plan is initiated by an intermunicipality agency and the work is financed by Lyse, Statoil and Shell. The company Energiparken AS is founded with Lyse, Statoil and Shell as shareholders.

1999. The idea of an Energy Park founded on industrial symbiosis is invented and the concept is launched.